‘Buibu Baca Buku Book Club’ (in Bahasa Indonesia literally means ‘Mothers Read’) is a book club & community mainly based on Instagram @bbbbookclub for Indonesian women, especially mothers. We aim to empower women by improving literacy and critical thinking skills so they may never stop learning and growing. We also believe that good habit, good discussion and empathy should start from family.

‘Buibu Baca Buku Book Club’ was founded in 2018 and registered in 2021 as not-for-profit organization under the laws of Republik Indonesia under official name ‘Ibu Cerdas Berdaya‘, based on following decree:

NOMOR AHU-0011441.AH.01.07.TAHUN 2021

Please check our ‘Legal Aspect’ page for further information about legal document.

Our Missions

  • Encourage more women to read and understand the importance of literacy
  • Improving literacy skill and critical thinking skills of women

Our Values

  • Critical thinking that is deeply connected to empathy
  • Continuous improvement
  • Inclusion and non-discrimination
  • Equality

Problems We’re Trying to Answer Together

  • Literacy skill in Indonesia
  • Personal development of women after motherhood

Our Model & Strategies

  • Approaching women especially mothers as the agent of change because mother has strong influence in the family and deep impact for the children that may last for long time
  • Spreading the love of reading and literacy by opening as many entry points as possible (pop culture, conversation on mental health, etc)
  • Becoming safe space for women to connect and learn from each other
  • Feature more women as role models for each other
  • Maximizing the use of digital platforms to build genuine connection that may last
  • Collaborate with others to spread the spirit and scale the impact

Get in Touch

Contact us at hello@buibubacabuku.com.

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