Book Related Content & Recommendation

We use social media to share contents and book recommendation. We create original contents like reading tips or featuring inspirational figures who love reading.

Book Talk & Discussion

We regularly do virtual discussion via Zoom. Sometimes we invite speakers related to literary, literacy and women empowerment.

Book Talk & Interview via Livestreaming Platform

We use livestreaming platform to connect and talk with authors, people who love books or work in the industry. Rara Sekar Larasati and Gina S. Noer were to name a few.


We occasionally create online webinars and invite speakers related to literary, literacy, women empowerment and parenting.

Challenge & Competition

We organize some challenge and competition such as ‘Read Aloud Challenge’ for parents and book review competition to encourage better reading habit and deeper understanding of book and literature.

Offline Discussion & Gathering

After pandemic, we tried to make offline event, discussion and gathering to talk about books, literature and things related to literacy.

Reading challenge

Every new year, we share social media templates where members can challenge themselves to read a number of books based on their preferences. There are also templates for them to improve their reading habit, for example trying new genre.

Freebies sharing

We occasionally share freebies such as printable bookmarks, posters, mobile and desktop wallpapers that motivate people to read more.

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