Buibu Baca Buku has 2 ‘membership’ type:

BBBBFF: Buibu Baca Buku Best Friends & Family

Become member by filling out this form:

For those who join BBBBFF will:

  • Get earlier information regarding regular and special programs through email
  • Special price on merchandise (coming soon!)
  • Opportunity for occasional volunteering program

We promise there will NOT be:

  • Any fee
  • Use of private information without consent
  • Spammy newsletter you’ll end up ignoring after the first month


  • Everyone is encouraged to follow and join the community on our Instagram @bbbbookclub (currently there are more than 28,000 awesome people joining our conversation on Instagram)
  • Everyone can join our regular program and activities. Find out more about them here.
  • Also, feel free to put BBBBC logo on your blog:

So, join us, now! 🙂

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