‘Showers of Luck’: SEA culture, family & forbidden romance

Wednesday, 15 February 20237 PM Jakarta Time, 8 PM Singapore TimeIG Live @bbbbookclub & @splendourit Speaker: Nadia Ayesha Nadia has been writing stories since she was a little girl growing up in Singapore. Inspired by her Peranakan heritage and the heartfelt story of her maternal grandparents, she began to write. ‘Showers of Luck’ was born,Continue reading “‘Showers of Luck’: SEA culture, family & forbidden romance”

Book Talk & Discussion: ‘The First Decade’ with Vivy Yusof

‘The First Decade’ with Vivy YusofTuesday, 31 January 202203.00 – 04.30 PM KL Time (14.00 – 15.30 Jakarta Time)Online via Zoom We were always excited to collaborate with @penguinbookssea but this one got us over the moon! Yes, we hosted a booktalk & discussion with @vivyyusof about her best-selling memoir, ‘The First Decade’! Hosted by @nathalieindry, not only we gotContinue reading “Book Talk & Discussion: ‘The First Decade’ with Vivy Yusof”

Arisan Buku #2 2022-2023 – Around The World

Tema: ‘Around the World: Mengembara Melalui Aksara’ Waktu: Minggu, 15 Januari 2023, 10.00 WIB Platform: Zoom Buku kerap disebut ‘Jendela dunia’. Walau sekarang sudah tak terhitung jumlah dan ragam jendela lainnya, kami percaya bahwa membaca buku bisa tetaplah pengembaraan yang berbeda. Membaca adalah perjalanan menyusuri apa yang ada di permukaan dan menyelami apa-apa yang lebihContinue reading “Arisan Buku #2 2022-2023 – Around The World”

Leseclub December 2022: ‘Pangeran Pencuri’ dan Popularitas Sastra Jerman di Indonesia Hari Ini

Tema: ‘Pangeran Pencuri’ dan Popularitas Sastra Jerman di Indonesia Hari Ini Waktu: Sabtu, 10 Desember 2022, 10.00 – 12.00 WIB, virtual via Zoom Perwakilan Goethe Institut: Fita Pengulas buku: Meita Eryanti (BBB Book Club) Moderator: Puty Puar (BBB Book Club) Narasumber: Hendarto Setiadi Lahir dan menghabiskan 13 tahun pertamanya di Jerman, Hendarto Setiadi merupakan penerjemahContinue reading “Leseclub December 2022: ‘Pangeran Pencuri’ dan Popularitas Sastra Jerman di Indonesia Hari Ini”

SEA-lebrating Our Literature

SEA-lebrating Our LiteraturePlatform: ZoomSaturday, 3 December 2022 (10.00 – 11.30 WIB, 11 – 12.30 AM SGT) Speakers Jennifer Lindsay Jennifer Lindsay is an award-winning writer, translator, researcher and cultural ambassador whose breadth of work reflects her deeply lived understanding of Indonesia, where she has spent nearly half her life. Since arriving in Indonesia in 1970Continue reading “SEA-lebrating Our Literature”

‘Migrantik’ and Conversations on SEA Literature

Sunday, 20 November 202216.00 WIBIG Live @bbbbookclub & @nwilwayco Speaker: Norman Wilwayco Norman Wilwayco, eLearning developer living in Sydney, is the recipient of two Grand Prize for Filipino Literature from the Palanca awards; first for his debut novel Mondomanila, and second, for his sophomoric work, Gerilya. He grew up in three different regions across the Philippines: Cebu,Continue reading “‘Migrantik’ and Conversations on SEA Literature”