‘Showers of Luck’: SEA culture, family & forbidden romance

Wednesday, 15 February 20237 PM Jakarta Time, 8 PM Singapore TimeIG Live @bbbbookclub & @splendourit Speaker: Nadia Ayesha Nadia has been writing stories since she was a little girl growing up in Singapore. Inspired by her Peranakan heritage and the heartfelt story of her maternal grandparents, she began to write. ‘Showers of Luck’ was born,Continue reading “‘Showers of Luck’: SEA culture, family & forbidden romance”

‘Migrantik’ and Conversations on SEA Literature

Sunday, 20 November 202216.00 WIBIG Live @bbbbookclub & @nwilwayco Speaker: Norman Wilwayco Norman Wilwayco, eLearning developer living in Sydney, is the recipient of two Grand Prize for Filipino Literature from the Palanca awards; first for his debut novel Mondomanila, and second, for his sophomoric work, Gerilya. He grew up in three different regions across the Philippines: Cebu,Continue reading “‘Migrantik’ and Conversations on SEA Literature”